Kindle Vella and DESCENT!

Vella has begun. With it, I’ve sent off little Zoë to brave these new lands and report back on what dangerous or exciting new things she finds.

She’s up to the task.

I originally thought of DESCENT as a secret chapter at the end of NAEVIA-18, just showing some of Zoë’s hijinks as she helped Naevia behind the scenes. That small idea turned into a novella sized story, full of fun, adventure, and interesting new friends! Join Zoë as she helps Naevia and the rest of Karxen’s women escape from Administration’s clutching grasp. This is definitely a fun-filled adventure worth exploring!

“Descent” by Christopher Guhl

Also, check out my Merch Store on Spring! I’ve got Zoë shirts and Neema / Absolute Essence shirts! Link is up above. 🙃

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