DSM Book Festival 2019

I recently attended the DSM Book Festival in downtown Des Moines as an author guest!

The local authors were split up into time segments, so I had a table from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. It would have been nice to have more time. Maybe it’ll be different next year. My wife and I spent a few hours hanging out before my time slot, enjoying ourselves with the costume contest and taking a few pictures at the different photo stations. I was pretty nervous about the whole day, so we didn’t do anything too crazy. I had to mentally prepare!

We recreated one of our wedding pictures!

Then once I was able to grab my wagon full of Naevia-18 copies, bookmarks, and super exclusive Christopher Guhl pens I was ready to get started!

This thing is SO convenient!

Things started off hot! I was wheelin and dealin and selling books like Barnes & Noble!

My old b-boy friend Yinn stopped by and picked up a copy!
Jenny Moyer, the author of Flashfall / Flashtide!

Jenny Moyer found me as she was walking through and picked up a copy of Naevia-18 also! Jenny is the author of the books Flashfall and Flashtide. Check out my review for these glenting good books here!

The best part of the day were the youths! I had a few younger people buying my book, and they were so happy to do so! I couldn’t believe it. A couple of them didn’t get anything else at the festival BUT my book. Freakin awesome!

There was also a book club that picked up a few copies of Naevia-18, and invited me out to discuss the book sometime in the future! I’m up to the challenge!

It was really cool to see so many people out and celebrating books! I’d like to see this festival grow in the future, and bring out some more names from the author community. I’m kicking myself for not joining the costume contest. I’ve got a killer Jon Snow costume that would’ve been perfect! Next time, baby…

Lastly, a huge shoutout and thank you to my amazing wife for helping me sell books and keep my nerves under control. You rock, baby!

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