Pre-Order NAEVIA-18 Now!

Naevia-18 is ready for pre-order! Check it out HERE!



Thanks to everyone who helped get me to this point! You all know who you are. 🙂

One response to “Pre-Order NAEVIA-18 Now!”

  1. […] Naevia-18, I think that this book would work well marketed as a teen novel, Scifi genre. It has a lot of the conventions of Science Fiction (i.e. high technology) while still being close enough to home as to not drive a newish reader away. The book works as an introduction to Scifi while favoring the ‘Dystonian, Utopian, oh-no-wait-yep a Dystopian’ story type that seems so popular right through to the early twenties.  Even the font used for the main title and chapter numbers screams old school science fiction.  […]


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