Made4Mankind August Artist of the Month!

August Artist of the Month? Me? For real!? I’m honored, grateful, and filled with joy at the whole experience. Check out the article here: Made4Mankind Artist of the Month

Made4Mankind does this every month, so if you or any other local DSM artists you know want to go for it check their website for more info! Actually just go check them out anyway, because their shirts are really comfortable (and Awon and MJ are just super cool people doing great things for the community).


Get ready for this coming of age science fiction adventure!

“Karxen is the last city in the world, and has been thriving without men for decades.

Naevia, a new graduate is pressured to join the administrative division. And yet, when Naevia gets a chance to trial with the rangers, the division she’s wanted to join all her life, she jumps at the chance. She knows that there are wonders to be seen beyond the four walls she calls home.”

Coming this summer from Autumn Arch Publishing, NAEVIA-18!